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S3 E2 Harvesting Seeds From Foundation | A House United TV Podcast
Season 3

S3 E2: How a Stable Marriage Impacts the Next Generation

Join the Howards and the Hendersons as they discuss what benefits come from having strong roots in faith and family. The Hendersons share their experience growing up in solid households with both parents working as a unit; additionally how they are now walking in the values they were taught and experiencing success.

S3 E1: Breakthrough from Cohabitation to Powerful Marriage | A House United Podcast
Season 3

S3 E1: Breaking Through: From Cohabitation to a Powerful Marriage

Dexter & Genette join a couple Marcus and Nichole who discuss their story of going from cohabitating to a thriving marriage. They reveal reasons why some men are avoiding marriage and why women are tolerating their indecision. Marcus and Nichole broke through fear, pride and shame, and are now building a powerful marriage and family.

3 Relationship Deal Breakers - A House United Podcast - Dexter and Genette Howard
Season 2

S2 E9: 3 Relationship Deal Breakers

Is your relationship SAD? Dexter and Genette discuss the 3 symptoms that could be potential deal breakers. They share their insights and experiences from almost 30 years of marriage, offering practical guidance.

A House United S2 E8: 5 Common Mistakes in Marriage with Dexter and Genette Howard - A House United Podcast
Season 2

S2 E8: 5 Common Mistakes in Marriage

Join us for an insightful episode where we dive into the common stressors that can impact marriages in today’s culture. The Howards share their personal experiences with these 5 common stressors and discuss how they overcame them together.

A House United TV S2 E7 Bible Says About a Man and His Wife with Dexter and Genette Howard
Season 2

S2 E7: What the Bible Says About a Man and His Wife

Join Dexter and Genette for a thought-provoking episode where they will be discussing biblical truths about the functions of a husband and wife in marriage. Using scriptural insights they show how God designed man and woman, the unique roles of each partner, and practical ways to build a healthy, Christ-centered marriage. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on cultivating a loving, supportive, and fulfilling marriage according to God’s word.